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News 2012:

Branch Pub data now loaded on WhatPub & The New NBSS Site
Our Pub data has now been loaded onto the new CAMRA national system "WhatPub" & the new NBSS site. This should make it easier to score beer again without needing to first locate the pub on the map. There is still some way to go to fill out what is initially just skeleton data & to maintain the system, more news on this later.
To logon to the new website follow the link to www.whatpub.com. You can also now score beer directly from "WhatPub".

Nominations are required for entrants into the Champion Beer of Britain Area competitions:
The winners from these area competitions will then be put forward as finalists into the Champion Beer of Britain national competitions held at the Great British Beer Festival and the National Winter Ales Festival.
The first stage of this process is to encourage your branch members to submit their own nominations. This year the online voting system www.cbobvoting.org.uk will be used nationally, and it has already been announced on the front page of What's Brewing.
In the Yorkshire and North East CBOB Area, members will be able to use www.cbobvoting.org.uk between 1st December 2012 and 31st January 2013. Branches should encourage local active members and committee members by all possible means to use www.cbobvoting.org.uk
To use www.cbobvoting.org.uk, simply use this link, and when prompted, enter your membership number and password. The system will work out which branch and CBOB area you are in, and give you a set of menus of the correct eligible beers.
Once the member nomination period has ended the members votes will be collated by branch and automatically submitted to the area CBOB Coordinator.
A few notes on beer eligibility:
  • Only breweries which were operating before 1st September 2012 are eligible.
  • Other than Real Ale in a Bottle, beers are categorised based on the Original Gravity (OG) of the beer not the ABV, therefore only beers for which the OG have been supplied are included on the eligible beer list.

  • Sunderland Real Ale Trails
    We are set to launch a short guide to three real ale trails in Sunderland.
    The guide is in the form of a double-sided tri-fold A4 sheet, and contains details of three individual real ale trails:
    1. A city CentreTrail - 8 pubs
    2. A Millfield and Deptford Trail - 6 pubs
    3. A Fulwell and Roker Trail - 9 pubs
    The guide has been compiled by branch members and will hopefully be launched during the Sunderland Octoberfest at The Bonded Warehouse. (The annual beer festival gets under way on Thursday 4th October, and runs through until Saturday 6th.)
    The Real Ale Trails provide details for each public house included, such as address, telephone number and opening hours. Each pub is numbered and the location of each is shown on maps of the area involved.
    This publication will be subject to revision in the future, allowing for the inclusion or removal of pubs.
    The Sunderland Real Ale Trails leaflet will be distributed as widely as possible, in tourist offices, libraries as well as in hostelries in this region and beyond.
    It is also available in "PDF" format (below) to download.
    Branch members are already planning a similar publication based upon public houses in South Tyneside, as well as guides to pubs along major bus routes. within the branch area

    CAMRA policy on Craft Beer
    At this year's Members' Weekend & AGM in Torquay, Motion 15 was carried to help give CAMRA some direction of the topic of 'Craft Beer'.
    The motion stated:
    This Conference believes that CAMRA policy should recognise that Craft Beer is beer with a distinctive flavour brewed by artisans. As a consequence, most real ales are craft beers but not all craft beers are real ale and CAMRA's communication should reflect this.
    Although CAMRA will continue to only promote real ale, it is apparent that the organisation nationally, regionally and locally is being increasingly asked by external parties for our view on 'Craft Beer'. The industry does not have a definition for what 'Craft Beer' actually is and this make it it a very difficult subject to have a stance on.
    We felt it was important to be proactive and offer support to the membership and that is why this motion was put forward by CAMRA Directors Christine Cryne and Keith Spencer.
    We know that denigrating craft keg beer is unproductive and can put off people from joining CAMRA. Something we want to avoid, particularly as CAMRA prides itself on standing for choice. It is much better to concentrate on the positive attributes of real ale such as depth of flavour and complexity.
    CAMRA editors, webmasters and spokespeople should note that a beer labeled as 'craft' can refer to craft keg or craft real ale. For clarity it is recommended that in the majority of cases, the term 'craft keg' is used when appropriate and simply 'real ale' is used for craft real ale as the Conference agreed that the majority of real ales are craft.
    If you have any views or questions on this subject, or you wish to voice your opinion, then please email the webmaster at webmin01@camra-angle.co.uk and we will try our best to give you further clarification.

    Pub Profiles
    From Issue 29 on, each quarterly CAMRAANGLE will feature three public houses from our branch area. This quarter features The Alum Ale House from South Shields, The Courtyard from Washington and The Museum Vaults from Sunderland.
    In future issues we hope that the pubs featured will be those suggested by our readers. If you would like to nominate a pub for inclusion in this feature,why not get in touch, detailing the reasons why you think your choice merits selection.
    Suggestions will be considered by a subcommittee of members chaired by Fiona Monteith-Preston, and three will be chosen for each issue. Normally one pub will be drawn from Sunderland, one from South Tyneside and one from the "Coal Fields" area.
    If your suggestion is successful, you will be invited to write the article for inclusion in the subsequent issue of CAMRAANGLE. (If you prefer not to, then a member of the subcommittee will be tasked to undertake the preparation of the article). Suggestions should be emailed to magazine@camra-angle.co.uk

    Club of the Year Presentation 2012
    The Mid Bolden Club in East Boldon, receiving their COTY Award from Sunderland & South Tyneside Chairman Michael Wynne. Well done to 'The Mid', who have retained the trophy again this year. As Mid Bolden do not qualify for the Regional COTY event the runners up, Ashbrooke Sports Club, will now go forward to represent the branch in the CAMRA NE Region COTY Competition.

    Pub of the Year Presentation 2012
    Fitzgeralds in Sunderland, receiving their POTY Award from Sunderland & South Tyneside Chairman Michael Wynne. Well done Fitzgeralds, who previously held the POTY award in 2003. They now go forward to represent the branch in the CAMRA NE Region POTY Competition.

    Branch Pub & Club of the Year 2012
    The 2012 Pub & Club of the Year results were announced at the AGM on 13th March 2012.

    Sunderland & South Tyneside Pub of the Year 2012:
  • 1st: Fitzgeralds, Sunderland.
  • 2nd: The Steamboat, South Shields.
  • 3rd: The Maltings, South Shields.

    Sunderland & South Tyneside Club of the Year 2012:
  • 1st: Mid Boldon Club, Boldon.
  • 2nd: Ashbrooke Sports Club, Sunderland.
  • 3rd Ryhope Catholic Club, Sunderland.

    The branch offers its congratulations to all six venues for the work they have put in & for serving quality real ales throughout the year.

    The full results list from an increased turnout of voters this year is:
    Position     Pub
  • 1st: Fitzgeralds, Sunderland.
  • 2nd: The Steamboat, South Shields.
  • 3rd: The Maltings, South Shields.
  • 4th: The Kings Arms, Sunderland.
  • 5th: The Alum Ale House, South Shields.
  • 6th: The Courtyard, Washington.
  • 7th: The Robin Hood, Jarrow.
  • 8th: The Copt Hill, Houghton-Le-Spring.
  • 9th: The William De Wessington, Washington.
  • 10th: The Stables, West Herrington
  • 11th: The Harbour View, Sunderland
  • 12th: The Museum Vaults, Sunderland.
  • 13th: The Olde Ships Inn, East Rainton.
  • 14th: The Stags Head, South Shields.
  • 15th: The Avenue, Sunderland.
  • 16th: The Black Horse, West Boldon.
  • 17th: The Wolsey, Sunderland.
  • 18th: The Grey Horse, East Boldon.
  • 19th: T.J.Doyles, Sunderland.
  • 20th: The Cliff, Sunderland.

    Position     Club
  • 1st: Mid Boldon, East Boldon.
  • 2nd: Ashbrooke Sports Club, Sunderland.
  • 3rd: Ryhope Catholic Club, Sunderland.
  • 4th: The Iona Club, Jarrow.
  • 5th: Houghton Club Houghton-le-Spring
  • 6th: Boldon Cricket Club, East Boldon.
  • 7th: Mill View Club, Sunderland

    Again well done to all on the list, with over 100 venues in the branch area serving real ales it is an achievement to appear anywhere on these lists.

  • Sunderland Octoberfest 2011 - Beer of the Festival presentation.
    On Saturday 28th January, fourteen branch members who had volunteered to staff the 2011 Sunderland Octoberfest, visited the Arkwright Arms near Chesterfield to make the presentations for Beer of the Festival.
    There was a three way tie for the award, so certificates were presented to Raw Brewing Company from Staveley, Derbyshire for their Pacific Ghost IPA, to Offbeat Brewery from Crewe for their Out of Step IPA and to Hornbeam Brewery for their German Altbier.

      David Hemstock, Raw Brewing Company. (Photo: Andy Dowson) Kevin Rothwell, Hornbeam Brewery. (Photo: Andy Dowson) Michelle Kelsall, Offbeat Brewery. (Photo: Andy Dowson)

    Joint Winners 2011 Sunderland Octoberfest. (Photo: Andy Dowson) The Arkright Arms. (Photo: Fiona Monteith-Preston) The Arkright Arms Staff. (Photo: Fiona Monteith-Preston)
    Place Mouse on Photo for more info.
    Click to enlarge.

    Thanks to John & Kathy Chadwick, of the Arkwright Arms (current Chesterfield branch Pub of the Year) for hosting the event.

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     These pages are from the pre-2015 website, they may not be maintained & are retained as part of the branch archive.
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