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"CAMRA Angle"
Distributed free at real ale pubs around the North East & available online.
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Contact us if:

You know of a pub in our area that sells Real Ale and we've missed it...
Or you know about a pub that no longer sells Real Ale!

If your local pub running a Beer Festival, Real Ale or Charity Event?

If you have any pub related information you wish to pass onto us, please email us on Pub Information quote "Pub Info"
This also includes infomation on Pubs closing, or reopening, change of use or demolition.

You can also send more general information to Contact Us, this address can be used for more general issues, or just to say "Hello"!
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         Glass half empty?
       "Is your glass half empty or half full?"


Are you an individual or a member of a group fighting to save your local pub from closure, change of use or demolition?

CAMRA may be able to help you in your fight! Get in touch straight away, you do not need to be a CAMRA member nor does the pub you are trying to save need to be a "Real Ale" or "CAMRA" pub.

Email us on Pub Information quote "Save Our Pub!"
Also visit: Protecting and Saving Pubs, which is a CAMRA website containing help and advice on how to begin the fight save your Local!
CAMRA's Key Campaigns:
Key Campaigns

All help and information is appreciated.
All infomation sent is acted on & often passed on to members at the next monthly Branch meeting or passed on via social media. Not all emails can be acknowledged but they are often redirected into group emails so they are seen by several relevant committe members.

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Otherwise email us on: contact03@camra-angle.co.uk or via facebook.

 Notice: The official website of Sunderland & South Tyneside CAMRA is at
 These pages are from the pre-2015 website, they may not be maintained & are retained as part of the branch archive.
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